The After Hamburg AIX2014 / WTCE2014 Report

Wow, what an event in Hamburg! The biggest trade show on Aircraft Interiors, Airline Catering, and Onboard Services was overwhelming, tiring but mostly generating very high energy levels among our team members that were present at the show. We spoke to many airlines, potential content and development partners to discuss the AirFi solution.

What a great comments we received! “You are the future of IFE”, “Finally the promise of HTML5 IFE’s in real life”, and many more. Nearly everyone was flabbergasted of the size and weight of the AirFi Box we had with us, and its promise: interactivity and entertainment for passengers without the large investments, while boosting ancillary revenues at the same time.

And we learned a lot from the feedback and questions we received. Back “home” (which means “online” with better internet connectivity then at the AIX2014) we processed these and reorganized the “items-to-do-list”. Stay tuned for updates!

Currently, we are discussing with the potential customers how to set up the trials to prove the AirFi is the right product for them. At the same time, we are in talks with Content partners to be able to provide a broad set of options to our customers.

And, of course, we are testing and improving our hardware and software, as you can also see on Twitter!

About the Author

Susan is an Aviation Assistant Officer with AirFi since 2012 answering all queries related to the world of IFE and helping customers in a smooth transition to the AirFi IFE solution.

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