Sky high chit-chat

People want to communicate while in-flight ! Small talk between passengers is, according to 73% of the travellers, very acceptable. But’s video snippet on this “news” shows that you also need to be lucky to sit next to a passenger who is also wiling to talk.

Next to that, travelers like to read (77% is stocking up reading materials), use their tablet (52%), but they are not specifically looking for better inflight entertainment options (only 25%).

It seems to us that the AirFi is a great addition to options in the sky. It is low-cost, allows for daily content updates, offers plenty of reading content, and interactivity:

The AirFi’s chat functionality “Whatsapp in the Sky” helps communication between passengers on the same flight, either in group conversation (sharing a cab at the destination, restaurant tips) or 1-on-1.

Next year, we hope to be present in the Tripadvisor results as well as one of the necessities on every flight.

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Susan is an Aviation Assistant Officer with AirFi since 2012 answering all queries related to the world of IFE and helping customers in a smooth transition to the AirFi IFE solution.

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