802.11 and Linux Specialist?

Airfi - India

The Company

In order to strengthen our Firmware and AirFi Base Platform development team to work on our Unique IFE solution we are currently looking for a Linux/Embedded Engineer with the ambition or proven abilities to fearlessly innovate our solution and achieve the (almost) impossible.

AirFi is a very innovative portable wireless IFE platform, which currently is flying daily on more then 300 aircraft. Passengers use their own device to shop, chat, play, watch, read and interact!

Connected Crew is an app to facilitate onboard offline onboard sales, crew productivity and passenger insight.

Skills that we’re looking for…

  • 2+ years working experience as an embedded software developer
  • Deep understanding of 802.11 Wireless Networking, TCP/IP
  • Understanding of and experience developing/debugging of the following:- Linux device drivers and bootloaders

    – Buildroot

    – System optimization, performance, power measurements and optimization

    – C/C++ multithreaded, multi process applications

    – Installation and customization of Fedora, Ubuntu and/or Debian

  • Strong programming skills and understanding of C/C++
  • Understanding of a hardware architectures (ARM, x86), datasheets and errata
  • Systematic problem solving and excellent debugging skills
  • Excellent and demonstrable written and oral communication skills and
  • Ability to work effectively in a very dynamic environment

Bonus points for…

  • Experience with OpenEmbedded build systems
  • Experienece with IT security implementations
  • Experience interacting with customers (external or internal)
  • Proficiency with SCM, especially Git
  • Proficiency with build tools, such as autotools and make
  • Experience working with the open source community


Send us your Github account and LinkedIn profile link in an email with a short description about you: india-jobs AT airfi.aero

Location: Koramangala, Bengaluru

More info regarding the product www.airfi.aero and twitter.com/airfi_aero


About the Author

CIO & Director of Asia Operations @ AirFi & Founder of Vidamore. Martijn specialises in Innovation for airlines and airports.

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