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Could this portable, self-scaling onboard Wi-Fi solution revolutionise the in-flight connectivity market?
… There can be no disputing the fact that the vast majority of today’s travellers want access to high-quality connectivity at every stage of their journey, including throughout the flight itself. However, bandwidth capacity constraints and high costs continue to be a stumbling block, and up until now a viable alternative has failed to materialise.

We say ‘up until now’ because that viable alternative may just have surfaced. FTE can exclusively reveal that MI Airline has developed a compact, portable, battery-powered and self-scaling Wi-Fi network, which can be integrated into existing aircraft to create an alternative connectivity and entertainment option.

The product is called ‘AirFi’ and through the use of an offline network, similar to an intranet connection, it can provide passengers with access to magazines, newspapers, games, destination guides and a passenger-to-passenger chat function, all using their own smartphone or tablet. In addition, passengers can use the network to order and pay for duty free products, and food and beverage items during the flight. So, if a passenger is keen to have some form of connectivity to keep them occupied during the flight, but is not desperate for a connection that will allow them to check their emails, for instance, the likes of AirFi could provide the solution.

Future Travel Exchange article on AirFi

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