Estonian Air Rolls Out Fleet-wide Ife Streaming Solution

Tallin/Amsterdam, 23 March, 2015 – To make the time spent onboard more meaningful, Estonian Air is now enabling customers to connect their Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices and notebook computers to a secure in-cabin network. Launched in January, this new system is successfully allowing passengers to read newspapers and magazines, view RSS-feeds, chat with others onboard, play games and much more.

According to CCO Indrek Randveer, Estonian Air aims deliver to passengers at 30,000 feet the same “e-lifestyle experience” common to every Estonian on the ground.

“In first phase of rollout, we want to offer our passengers an opportunity to use this onboard solution to read Estonian (and in the future also international) magazines, spend time playing entertaining games or chat with family members and friends who are also onboard,” says Randveer.

“In cooperation with the Dutch company MI Airline and with their ingenious AirFi system, the entire fleet of Estonian Air is now equipped with a fast and portable network which provides for us a solution that does not require any modification to the aircraft. This enables us to offer passengers a ‘connected experience’ using their own devices. Our system does not require passengers to install an app before the flight and the service is provided for free,” he adds.

When passengers connect to Estonian Air’s new onboard network, they will be greeted with a user-friendly portal where all information is provided in both English and Estonian. In addition to chatting, playing games and reading quality magazines and newspapers, travellers can also consult Estonian Air’s bespoke Destination Guide for ideas on how to spend time in various cities, or plan thier next Estonian Air getaway.

According to Mr. Randveer, Estonian Air is also looking forward for further product development, to enable duty-free shopping and a wider selection of entertainment including popular movies or TV-series that suit the average length of Estonian Air’s routes.

“We are very proud to have Estonian Air as one of the first airlines to implement the MI Airline system fleet-wide and look forward to developing additional onboard network opportunities together,” says Job Heimerikx CEO of AirFi about the launch. “With AirFi, Estonian Air has tapped into a wide realm of potential for ancillary offerings and entertainment”.

airfi on estonia air

Information on Estonian Air

Estonian Air is aiming to provide Estonia with reliable and regular double daily connections to destinations of strategic importance and of substantial demand. Being a small country on the periphery of Europe, Estonia depends on such connections, and Estonian Air is committed to provide these services.

Estonian Air, Estonia’s national carrier, is the biggest operator at Tallinn Airport. The airline flies regular routes to Stockholm (Arlanda and Bromma), Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Oslo, Moscow, St Petersburg, Kiev, Vilnius and Trondheim.

From December 2014 to October 2015, Estonian Air operates seasonal flights to Munich. In addition, from March to October 2015, Estonian Air flies to Paris and Berlin, from April to October to Nice, Vienna and Split, and from April to November to Milan.

Ilona Eskelinen, PR Manager of Estonian Air
Phone: +372 640 1178

Information on AirFi

AirFi is part of MI Airline. MI Airline brings innovations to the cabin offering the unique platforms “AirFi” and “Connected Crew” designed especially for airlines to effectively and securely bridge the information gap between the company and its remote staff and passengers.

MI Airline is supported by Mainport Innovation Fund, founded by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Schiphol Group, Delft University of Technology and Rabobank.

Job Heimerikx, CEO MI Airline
Phone: +31 6 24626585

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