Company targets short-haul airlines with wireless IFE sans movies [RunWayGirl]

“What’s a wireless IFE solution without movie or television content? Why, it’s a wireless IFE solution tailor-made for truly short-haul carriers, that’s what.”

This is the starting question in an article of RunwayGirl, diving indepth into the revolutionary solution and the targeted markets:

“Content distributor Western Outdoor Interactive (WOI) recently announced a partnership with AirFi under which the two firms will collaborate to offer airlines the AirFi portable, battery-powered and self-scaling Wi-Fi network with WOI content.

Pictured above, the AirFi box can now be equipped with over 400 different magazines, games, TripAdvisor offline, newspapers and other entertainment and concierge services. The TripAdvisor feature – delivered by WOI through a new partnership with the travel giant – will enable passengers to conduct research on their trip while en route to their destinations.”

We love great coverage of our product!

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