AirFi Stands Ready to Support Airlines and fellow APEX members if Electronics Ban Widens

AirFi, the Amsterdam-based Portable Wireless In-flight Entertainment market-leader, announced today that it has tripled its production capacity in response to rising enquiries from airlines planning contingencies for a widening of the Electronics Ban on Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) in carry on luggage.

Several weeks ago, a number of airlines announced contingency operations to provide passengers with airline-approved loan laptops for business travellers and now many are considering carrying tablets onboard for general passenger entertainment.

If this Ban extends, AirFi is uniquely placed to provide a rapid rollout of pre-configured AirFi wireless streaming IFE boxes with the latest content either as standalone deployments for passenger smartphone access or to accompany temporary airline tablet deployment, enabling passengers to enjoy a wide range of in-flight entertainment without the delay or cost of alternative solutions.

“With the northern hemisphere peak holiday season starting now, any extension of the Ban will be a big concern to airlines and their passengers, particularly families who depend on their portable devices to keep the kids occupied!

So, as well as providing our most innovative and flexible pricing structure to enable clients to rapidly deploy AirFi on short timescales, we have teamed up with Cartoon Network and other leading APEX distributors to offer a fantastic pre-loaded range of passengers’ favourite programming – and in over 20 languages for our youngest travelers.

Alongside this, a great range of Hollywood movies, hit comedies, dramas and documentaries, daily news & sports feed, games and premium digital weekly & monthly magazines, makes this something for everyone and all without the huge drawbacks of preloading Apps for DRM.

Working with our airline clients and supply partners over these past weeks, we can offer this total package on a “per aircraft” rolling monthly lease plan. So no matter what happens with this Ban or what routes or regions it may cover, AirFi can be deployed, redeployed and ultimately returned if no longer required.

We are ready to support airlines around the world, respond as quickly as possible to minimize disruption to their passenger experience at this uncertain time.”

As a final footnote, and in direct response to the recent APEX ‘call to action notice’ (12 May 2017), AirFi is open to collaborations with airlines or fellow APEX members to help ameliorate the passenger experience impacted by the Electronics Ban.

About the Author

Susan is an Aviation Assistant Officer with AirFi since 2012 answering all queries related to the world of IFE and helping customers in a smooth transition to the AirFi IFE solution.