AirFi promotes Nicolas Peeters to CTO

AirFi is happy to announce the change of role of Nicolas Peeters to CTO of AirFi, the company delivering innovating solutions in the InFlight Entertainment and Onboard Sales Space.

The former CTO of the company, Martijn Moret, is assuming the role of Chief Innovation Officer and Director of the AirFi Operations in Asia. “Nicolas Peeters has been with us for the past 3 years, growing the solutions from ideas and early stage products to a mature, scalable and robust suite of solutions, which serves many thousands of users every day. His relentless ambition, flexibility and technical insight has contributed for a great part of where we are today”, according to Job Heimerikx, CEO of AirFi.

AirFi has been expanding the customer base of its portable wireless IFE solution tremendously in 2015, as well as the implementations of its Connected Crew solution for Onboard Sales (mPOS) and Cabin Crew operations. 2016 holds promise to even faster expansion with larger airlines signing up every month. In addition, the established presence in Asia, with an AirFi Office in Bengaluru, India, has led to great interest from carriers in the Far East. The first implementations have started in this region.

As Innovation and Technology Strategy go hand in hand at AirFi, the CIO and CTO are working closely together to deliver the next generation set of solutions by AirFi, which are shaking up aviation and the travel industry.

“We have been making aviation better for passengers, cabin crew, airlines and other stakeholders, and continue to do so. That paradigm became a personal goal of everyone working in AirFi”,

according to Martijn Moret

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Susan is an Aviation Assistant Officer with AirFi since 2012 answering all queries related to the world of IFE and helping customers in a smooth transition to the AirFi IFE solution.

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