Love for the AirFi Box…..

The AirFi solution is gaining momentum not only in client conversations but also in the media. And when the IFE experts see our product, there is instant love! In their newsletter IFExpress reported on our encounter in Hamburg:

And speaking of meeting people, we ran into Paul Mees (COO) and Martijn Moret (CTO) part of the team at Dutch IFE company, MI Airline. You might remember MI Airline.

Here’s what they say about their product, AirFi:

“Airlines without on-board WiFi capabilities have a new, low cost and flexible alternative to offer their passengers a ’connected’ experience with chat, games and ancillary sales. MI Airline is proud to announce the AirFi Box and AirFi Platform. It is a compact, portable, battery-powered and self-scaling WiFi network, not in any way connected to the aircraft.”

Airfi Paul Mees
Paul Mees, COO of Airfi

The AirFi Box is designed to be integrated into existing airline logistics and suitable to create an alternative Inflight Entertainment for all flights.” Remember? AirFi is, in short, classified as a T-PED (Transmitting Personal Electronic Device), offers lightweight multiplayer games, product catalogs, inflight ordering, (miles) payment capabilities using ‘Connected Crew’, digital magazines and newspapers, surveys, (group) chat, high value targeted advertising, destination information and basic flight information.

Airfi Box
AirFi is scalable and flexible without any modification to the aircraft. It’s about the size of a book and we were stunned when we saw it. Consider yourself lucky as not many people have see it!

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Susan is an Aviation Assistant Officer with AirFi since 2012 answering all queries related to the world of IFE and helping customers in a smooth transition to the AirFi IFE solution.

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